Sequence databases

Comammox amoA - ammonia monooxygenase (25.09.2017)

ARB Database (.arb)

If you use this database please cite: Pjevac P, Schauberger C, Poghosyan L, Herbold CW, van Kessel MAHJ, Daebeler A, Steinberger M, Jetten MSM, Lücker S, Wagner M, Daims H. 2017. Front. Microbiol. 8:1508


dsrAB - dissimilatory sulfite reductase (01.07.2014)

If you use this database please cite: Müller AL, Kjeldsen KU, Rattei T, Pester M, Loy A. 2015. Phylogenetic and environmental diversity of DsrAB-type dissimilatory (bi)sulfite reductases. ISME J91152-1165

If you use these files please cite: Pelikan C, Herbold CW, Hausmann B, Müller AL, Pester M, Loy A. 2016. Diversity analysis of sulfite- and sulfate-reducing microorganisms by multiplex dsrA and dsrB amplicon sequencing using new primers and mock community-optimized bioinformatics. Environ. Microbiol. doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.13139.

dsrAB - dissimilatory sulfite reductase (01.07.2008)

If you use this database please cite: Loy A, Duller S, Baranyi C, Mußmann M, Ott J, Sharon I, Béjà O, Le Paslier D, Dahl C, Wagner M. 2008. Reverse dissimilatory sulfite reductase as phylogenetic marker for a subgroup of sulfur-oxidizing prokaryotes. Environ. Microbiol. 11: 289-299.

dsrAB - dissimilatory sulfite reductase (10.09.2004)

If you use this database please cite: Zverlov V, Klein M, Lücker S, Friedrich MW, Kellermann J, Stahl DA, Loy A, Wagner M. 2005. Lateral gene transfer of dissimilatory (bi)sulfite reductase revisited. J. Bacteriol. 187: 2203-2208.


nxrB - nitrite oxidoreductase of Nitrospira (01.07.2010)

If you use this database please cite: Pester M, Maixner F, Berry D, Rattei T, Koch H, Lücker S, Nowka B, Richter A, Spieck E, Lebedeva E, Loy A, Wagner M, Daims H. 2014. NxrB encoding the beta subunit of nitrite oxidoreductase as functional and phylogenetic marker for nitrite-oxidizing Nitrospira. Environ. Microbiol. 163055-3071


16S rRNA - sponge associated microorganisms (12.06.2007)

If you use this database please cite: Taylor M, Radax R, Steger D, Wagner M. 2007. Sponge-associated microorganisms: evolution, ecology and biotechnological potential. Microbiol. Mol. Biol. Rev. 71: 295-347.


NTT - ATP/ADP translocases and homologues (05.11.2003)

If you use this database please cite: Schmitz-Esser S, Linka N, Collingro A, Beier C L, Neuhaus HE, Wagner M, Horn M. 2004. ATP/ADP translocases: A common feature of obligate intracellular amoebal symbionts related to chlamydiae and rickettsiae. J. Bacteriol. 186: 683-691.


Other supplementary online material

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