Graduate school "Symbiotic Interactions"
The graduate school ("Intiativkolleg") "Symbiotic Interactions" is a program in the framework of the "Graduate School Initiative" to promote structured doctoral programms at the University of Vienna. The graduate school "Symbiotic Interactions" comprises nine research groups from six departments at the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, and the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy. This interdisciplinary program thereby integrates scientists from major life science disciplines, including microbiology, zoology, ecology, genetics, immunology, and biochemistry.
Starting in autumn 2007, the graduate school "Symbiotic Interactions" will serve as a unique opportunity to view the same central questions from a multitude of complementary perspectives: from microbiology and infection biology to the evolutionary ecology of mutualism and parasitism, that is across disciplines which have too little contact in daily scientific practice despite broadly similar concepts being studied. Their close integration in one doctoral program will also assist in manifold methodological synergies that would not become possible in research agendas confined to the particular fields of expertise of the researchers involved. In addition, a set of arrangements will provide an excellent and innovative research and education environment for participating graduate students.
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